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Lior Armiev



Lior is a Manager at KPMG’s Digital Transformation & AI Solutions in Tel Aviv. He focuses on design and delivery in the area of Cloud and AI.
With more than 10 years of experience, concentrated in three levels. Manage, Design and implementation.
Managed SMBs and Enterprise projects as a solution architect for Azure cloud infrastructure and Microsoft AI services in hybrid and cross-cloud platforms.
Experience in the world of automation and grow to manage AI and Bots projects around the world.
Lead lectures and conventions.

Professional and industry experience
He conducted large scale project in many SMB and Enterprises in the field of Automation and Cloud Solutions Architecture.
Extensive experience in AI Cognitive Services in the world of Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP.
Lior has extensive experience in designing automation workflows that provide saving and boost efficiency 
Including in one of largest banks in Israel leading to an award for project of the year in Private Cloud Automation.
Lior led complex migration project to Azure Cloud, taking part as the Project Manager and Solutions Architect, one of the project was for two international insurance companies in Norway and a large scale IDF consolidation for all army subscriptions.
Lior also founded and managed a Bot platform as Microsoft IP co-sell solution in Azure for Cost Optimization.
In addition Lior is Microsoft’s MVP in the field of AI, first in Israel. Contributing to the community of AI in Israel with a large group of followers and conducts large scale events for Practical AI applications.

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