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Rahat Yasir

Montreal, QC
Data & AI Platform Architect @ CAE, Canada's Developer 30 Under 30, Technical Blogger, Speaker, Technical Book Author, Windows Phone lover


Rahat Yasir is selected as Canada's top 30 software developer under 30 in 2018. He is six times Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award holder in Artificial Intelligence category. He has years of experience in imaging and data analysis application development, cross platform technologies and enterprise system designing. He is the author of the first eBook on Windows Phone 8.1 app development "Windows Phone 8.1 Complete Solution" and "Universal Windows Platform - Complete Solution". He worked at the University of Saskatchewan - Plant phenotyping and imaging research centre (P2IRC) as a data science and imaging researcher. He was the lead AI developer at Immersive Design Studios and developed world's first AI video upscalling tool. He worked as AI Engineer at Intact Financial Corp and designed production graded AI applications that are serving millions of requests everyday. He worked as the Lead AI Developer at OSEDEA to design the next generation AI solutions for manufacturing industry. He is currently working at CAE as AI & Analytics Platform Architect for Aviation, Aerospace, Defense & Healthcare systems.

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