What it takes to be an MVP

The Microsoft MVP Award gives us the unique opportunity to celebrate, honor and say thank you to top-notch technology experts who make outstanding contributions to their communities. These technology experts have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies and love to share their knowledge. While there is no single way to become an MVP, we have some great examples that showcase our MVPs and the passion, community spirit and leadership they have exhibited to earn the MVP award.

Contributing code to Projects

Daniel Marbach picture

Daniel Marbach (Switzerland) is a Microsoft Azure MVP who has a great passion for OSS. Daniel believes that “every pull request, no matter how small, makes the .NET ecosystem as a whole move forward”. He participates in more than 100 GitHub repositories, with forks of projects like Quartz.NET, RabbitMQ, ApiAprover, MediatR, Marten, MassTransit and many more - his work on RabbitMQ client helped the RabbitMQ team shape the decision to go for a fully async client Library. Daniel used to own a few OSS projects like Machine.Specifications, Appccelerate and Ninject: some of those projects have 100K downloads or more. Daniel has made over 1500 contributions in GitHub in the past year alone.

Helping Others

Vinicius Mozart picture

Vinicius Mozart (Brazil), a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, is an active community contributor with in-depth experience in Group Policy, RDS and Servers. He has been awarded multiple times as an MVP for his contributions in the Microsoft MSDN/TechNet forums over the years. Vinicius has contributed to Wiki and forums, specializing in troubleshooting, server management, GPO and hybrid scenarios, and most of his articles in his blog site bring large and complex scenarios as examples. As one of the top online contributors in Brazil, Vinicius’ total answers in MSDN/TechNet stand at 2546 with 728 helpful posts and 4003 replies. Last year, he had over 185 answers and 406 posts which have 50K views. Vinicius is ranked among the top 0.144% all-time contributors in MSDN/TechNet.

Creating Content

Takae Sakushima picture

Takae Sakushima (Japan) is an MVP in the Windows and Devices for IT award category who is best known for her enthusiasm to share her deep technical knowledge with the community through books, blogs, technical articles and speeches. In the past year, she wrote 30 articles about Windows 10 for the major magazines in Japan for IT users. Takae has also published several books related to Windows, and her recent book on Windows 10 which she co-authored with another MVP was very well received in Japan with over 10,000 copies sold. Takae has been posting her original technical content on her blog for more than 10 years and the total number of blogs has reached 2,525 and gained 19,276,477 views so far. Last year, she published 30 posts on her blog and gained 2,840,000 views.


Heather Downing picture

Heather Downing (US), a Developer Technologies MVP, is a highly sought after speaker and best known for her work in Server Side Development, Conversational AI, and Mobile App development. Heather recently organized and co-hosted a 24-hour global virtual tech conference, Dev Around the Sun, to fundraise for victims of COVID-19. Heather has presented at many conferences on all 7 continents, including NDC Oslo, VS Live!, CodeMash, Techorama, BuildStuff, DevSum, DevConf, KCDC and more. In the past year, Heather has spoken to more than 10,000 people at User Groups meetings, Conferences and virtual events.

Live Coder

Layla Porter picture

Layla Porter (UK), a Developer Technology MVP, is a self-taught engineer who streams .NET development on Twitch. Layla has 3 scheduled streams a week and shares her love of the C# language and .NET. Layla has viewers from around the world tune in to her show, LaylaCodesIt. In the past year, there have been more than 10,000 viewers of Layla's live stream where she's live-coded for more than 100 hours with over 3300 hours watched. Layla was recently elected to the .NET Foundation Board of Directors.